Monday, February 14, 2011

A Winter Escape

 We just got back from a much needed trip to Florida to visit family, Shamu, Mickey and an old college friend and her beautiful, itty bitty little girl.  Once we finally got there (a freak snow storm in Housten messed with our initial flight) it was a wonderful, relaxing vacation.  Knowing that we were missing out on 10+ inches of snow back home made it all the more sweet.  ;)

Going for a walk at Grandma and Poppy's house. 

Brogan's first bike ride...followed by his first post-bike ride hissy-fit when we said he was all done.

Helping Poppy drive the boat. 

Little Man in a Big Jacket (my ode to Chris Farley...)

A beautiful, albeit very windy day at the beach!

Definitely has Florida in his blood...I've never seen him sit in one spot for so long!

Sandy baby and hot chocolate...great idea!  ;)

Brogan's first ride at Sea World...he was soooo excited to ride with his big brother!  The ride went way up in the sky then dropped up and down for a few minutes.
  The pre-pic...big smile.

The post-pic...

Hunting Zurg with Grandma blue car...

Brogan and I on the carousel...apparently still a little traumatized from the Sea World ride, because he refused to ride the horses!

After saying "I don't know about this" over and over, Thunder Mountain was probably Colby's favorite ride

Though it was a close second to the cars...

He tried as hard as he could to stay awake, but the eyelids finally won.

Bye bye Mickey, hope we meet again soon!