Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Family Pics!

So, now that Colby is almost 2 we finally had our first "family" pics done! Here's just a sample of the tons of great pics that our friends Kammi and Ross took. Click on their name if you want to check out their other work. (Their blog is listed on the right as well...)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Pinochle, Tigers and Work...oh my!

So, I've been slacking on the blog and have a few posts here that I'm just going to combine into one for the sake of time...

First, we had Steve's cousins (the ones that are left on this side of Colorado!) over for our quarterly (?) Pinochle tournament. It's turned into a Pinochle/Wii tournament though, since there are a few that can't handle the competitive nature of cards. ;)

Anyway, here's a pic of the group.

Lisa (one of the cousins) is taking a photography class, and this is just a cute one of Colby she took for her class.

The kids' table! Osobie and Fatu were adopted from Africa about 7 months ago. They are the sweetest kids and fit into our family perfectly!!
On Father's Day we decided to go to the zoo. Colby hadn't been since last summer (when he couldn't have cared less if he was looking at a tiger or an ant!) and it was so much fun to see him recognize the animals this time!

Look Grandma...flamingos in Colorado!

His first carousal!

And finally, we took Daddy out to lunch for his birthday...but had to visit his office first!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Skate City!

There's a skating rink by us that has a "Pixie Class" every Thursday morning, where only kids 2-6 years old can skate. We went with my mom's group today and even though Colby is only 21 months he did great!! The guy was really impressed with his balance for his first time...something he obviously got from me since skating is not daddy's forte!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Back from Cancun!

Well, we finally made it to Mexico (see previous post...) and back! We had a great trip and Colby loved every minute of it (as did Steve and I)! Here's just a few 'highlights'.

Colby playing during Tropical Storm Arthur that passed through our first couple days there.

At first he was afraid to walk on the sand, but after he realized how much fun it is he was running all around.
From our table at La Distilleria, after our yummy lobster and steak dinner (Colby much prefered the tuna fish dip they served with chips over the lobster...who's kid is he??!)
Colby couldn't get enough of the pool! He learned to kick his feet, but needs a little more work on blowing bubbles.
Finally found a hat he likes! Maybe he'll keep it on at the playground...
We did a 'Sub See' trip in a submarine over the reefs. Kind of like snorkling without getting wet. Colby loved seeing all the fish and turtles!
Our condo only had a shower, but Colby didn't seem to mind at all. Not sure if he'll ever want to take a bath again!
He was a little timid in the ocean at first (notice the one foot up!), but soon learned to love that too.
So, despite getting there a day late...and despite the Tropical Storm tagging along, we still had a great vacation! Hmmm, guess we need to start thinking about where to go next year...