Friday, October 10, 2008

Colorado Boy

Apparently Colby doesn't like the name we've chosen for him very much...because he's decided to change it. His name is Boy. That's how he's referred to himself for the past few weeks..."Boy throw" "Boy all done" "Boy ice more" It's really pretty're hoping he grows out of this stage before preschool though!

We spent last weekend in Colorado Springs. Steve had a couple hotel nights that were going to expire and it worked out perfectly, because our friends down there ended up having a party the same weekend.
Here's some pics from the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo...I love it MUCH more than our Denver zoo...

Here's "Boy" flaunting his beads at Molly's house.

On our last morning, we walked around downtown Manitou Springs. Steve has fond memories of the Penny Arcade, so we had to stop by there...although now it's the .25 - .75 arcade!

They have every kid's ride-on toy ever made, so Colby of course had to sit on every car and truck there. Thankfully he preferred them to not be moving!