Friday, March 19, 2010

10 months!

Hard to believe Brogan is 10 months today! He's such a happy, content little boy...who is into everything! There's no toy box left undumped, plug left unplugged, or leaf left on the floor and out of his mouth...all before 10AM. But his all-time favorite is the dog bowls. He laughs with glee when he rounds the corner and finds that the bathroom door (and thus access to the bowls of fun) has mistakenly been left open. When he hears you coming he crawls in double time to try and beat you to them. Most of the time he's not successful, but there have been those couple times I prefer not to think about...

Here's a some pics from a trip to the park a couple days ago.

Brogan riding his "hog".

Colby riding his. (We're so thrilled he's finally wanting to peddle more than 2 seconds on his own!) He likes to pick out his own clothes in the you can see, he's out to set new trends in the fashion world.