Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Hard to believe all the holidays are over...and now we're just stuck with a couple more months of yucky winter! Here's some pics of our Christmas which, much to my mom's (but not my dad's) disappointment, was not white this year.

Decorating cookies on Christmas Eve...a new tradition.

We did manage to leave a couple for Santa. Although, since Santa is lactose intolerant, we left water with his cookies!

Coming down the stairs Christmas morning...

Torreys' favorite gift (from Granny). The scowl is b/c she absolutely hates her Christmas sweater...
5 minutes later...

Helping daddy put together the new garage for all his beloved cars!

You may have noticed the mullet is gone! Pics of that coming soon... And yes, Steve's beard is now gone too, yay!! :)