Saturday, November 14, 2009

Food Glorious Food....

Brogan experienced his first dabble into the culinary world last night with some freshly prepared rice cereal...let's get his thoughts:

"Ohhh...something new to chew"

"Kind of strange, but I'll go with it."

"Hmm, not too sure about this anymore."

"Ewww, get it out now! What are you doing to me? I trusted you!!"

And finally, Steve's impression of Brogan...

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Halloween is a lot of fun with a 3 year old...and a little frustrating when said 3 year old refuses to wear a costume! (What little kid doesn't love to dress up?) It was a struggle, but we were finally able to get him dressed with a little bribery...and peer pressure. (That doesn't make us bad parents, right??!) ;)
It's also the first year Colby realized the candy he collects is Steve and I were nice enough to share all the ones we don't care for. We'll see how many more years we can get away with that!
The costume is half on...small victory!

Costume finally on, but don't even think about trying to get a picture!

Thankfully "the cow" had no problem wearing his costume!
I dread the day he stops falling for the "look Mickey Mouse is over there" trick!

All the cousins (+ 1 friend) patiently sitting for a couple pics before hitting the streets!

Finally a decent one!