Monday, March 16, 2009

Naptime Fun

I should have known it was a little too quiet up there...

Thankfully he only used it on himself and a piece of paper he found. (Not sure where he found the marker though!)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

San Diego!

We're back from our San Diego vacation and had a fabulous time. We went to Legoland, the aquarium, San Diego zoo, the beach and even got to meet up with a good friend that I haven't seen since college. It was low 60s the entire time...but the parks were pretty empty and I'd take a little chill over crowds any day!

Look at me mom!

He looks brave, but he wouldn't come close to actually touching anything...

Eek! What kind of fish is that??

The "4" of us after a super yummy Mexican dinner. We definitely had LOTS of good food in California! Thanks again for the boat Talia, Colby loves it!

Fun at Oceanside beach...yup in pants and a tee shirt!

Colby at the super fun playground in Legoland.

The lego car Colby (& daddy) built to race on the track. (No, he didn't win...)

Colby amazed us with his bravery...he rode full on roller coasters, a pirate ship that swings up in the air and twists & turns and even this beetle bounce ride that went way up in the air and dropped and bounced. He just laughed the entire time!

Colby and daddy on the airplane ride.


We even saw Obama's lego of course. (See, I do have a political side!)

Colby driving the boat and no there is no track! He did great...but I think we'll wait a while before handing over the car keys. ;)

Mommy and Colby on the helicopter.

Fountain fun! He did great just running through until the very end when he stood right in the big fountain in the middle and got soaked. He was a little chilly after that!

I think he could have just stood here all day...seriously.

And the big meltdown...can you believe Steve took a bite of his sandwich??! After about 4 non-stop days with no naps he did amazingly well though!

Here's a short video at the beach. I had a little issue with the zoom...sorry!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Chatfield (aka doggy playland)

This morning we took Torreys and her friend Karma to the dog park. We have avoided this particular park in the winter since the ice incident of 2006 (Torreys running out on the very thin ice and almost giving me a heart attack.). But we decided it was okay this year since we've had such amazing weather. (Today started out a little chilly, but is now nearly 70!)

I didn't get any great shots, but thought I'd post them anyway...

In case you're wondering, yes...this rock hit Torreys right in the head. She was fine, but that was the end of the rock throwing fun!