Thursday, July 31, 2008

A First...Camping!

Well, we took Jamie to the airport yesterday...sniff, sniff. She was here for 3 weeks, but felt like only 1. On her last weekend here, we went camping at Lake Dillon with some of Steve's family. It was Colby's first time and he was a real trooper! We all had a great time, despite a little rain and cold nights. Here's some highlights...

He can ride a bike!! Okay, he couldn't quite reach the pedals...and wouldn't know what to do with them if he could...but he had a blast having daddy push him around!
Getting ready for our canoe ride...and yes, this was the gorgeous view from our campsite!
Jamie, Josh and Grandpa fishing...surprisingly enough, Jamie loved it! Although neither she nor Josh would try the Trout they caught and cooked...
Just the requisite cute Colby pic...
Another great canoe shot...

Okay, it's not great footage and it might make you a little dizzy...but had to post it b/c I'm so proud that we figured out how to use and download videos from our digital camera!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Post From Jamie!

Hello this is a post from Jamie Kelly's niece! I decided to share a little about my vacation in Colorado. I have been living in Kelly and Steve's basement that has recently been redone (I just want to say the basement looks INCREDIBLE!!) Now most of you have seen Steve and Kelly's living room, but if you haven't Kelly and Steve have a connecting couch. One day Colby and I decided to hide in this corner behind the couch and Kelly had the chance to snag a few pics.

I'm not too sure about this??

On Kelly's birthday we went to Red Robin(my first time going it was good) and so when it was time to leave the people came out to sing happy birthday(Kelly wasn't too happy) but anyway Kelly got a free ice cream and Colby loved it haha!!

yummm!!! Colby enjoyed the bathroom lol!

Olivia and I one night decided to cook dinner for Kelly - well to make a long story short it was a messy meal but was delicious in the end!

We also got like 10 free tickets to the Rockies game so I was aloud to invite a friend her name is Olivia! She lives across the street from Kelly and it was a blast!

Kelly's friend Kristine needed to barrow some of Colby's toys and this toy was too small for Colby. But he was determined to fit it was funny!

One day we went golfing, not the little mini golf, the real deal golf. Me and Colby enjoyed riding in the golf cart and drinking water. We had a blast even though I only hit the ball once. It was really fun!!!!
Colby loved to steer the cart!!
Me hitting the ball!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Itsy Bitsy Spider...

In case you don't recognize the significance of the red hourglass on this spider (which I wouldn't have before now), this is a picture of a black widow spider. It's the most venomous of all spiders...and its venom is 15x more potent than that of a rattlesnake.

This cute little guy (or gal) made a nice home for himself in the window well of our basement. (Which was quite a treat for our niece who is currently staying down there!) Thankfully he was on the outside of the window, but actually right below Colby's sandbox...eek! Steve managed to take care of the situation, although getting down into the window well was a little tricky. (Unfortunately I don't have a picture of him in my elbow-length rose garden gloves; fly swatter and vacuum in hand!)
As the name implies, they don't have many hopefully this is the last one we see for a long, long time!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Home Sweet Salida

Since my niece Jamie is in town, we decided to rent a cabin in Salida for a few days. It was great to get into the wilderness and relax for a little while...although our 'wilderness' included a full kitchen, hot tub, and 52-inch TV with satellite. ;)

One day we drove down to Great Sand Dunes National Park. Seeing the dunes in the middle of all the mountains is pretty amazing! They are a lot harder to climb than they look, and we all decided we'd last about 2 days in the Sahara!

Yup, they are steep!
But Colby had a lot of fun sliding down them!
The local bear at our cabin...
Another day we went on a was reviewed as "easy", but turned out to be over 2 miles of straight up hiking! We were about to quit, but Jamie made us keep going...and we're glad we did b/c the lake and snow at the top were beautiful!

Crossing the river...

Hmm...guess we need to add an IPOD onto his birthday list!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Summer Fun

They fit!
4th of July parade...after daddy finished his race.Strawberries are the best!
Do I have to wear this silly hat mommy??
I sure hope daddy appreciates this.
Finally they give me some water, I'm soooo thirsty!