Monday, August 31, 2009


Happy 3rd Colby! You are such an amazing easy to love and so full of personality. You are quick with a smile and have such love in your heart. God definitely knew what He was doing when He decided you were the kid for us.

Here's just a few things that make

You love spending time with daddy...whether it's playing outside, mowing the grass or building something together...

I think we could take away all your toys except your match box cars and you'd be happy. You can sit and park them all day long...with short breaks to jump on the couch (hence the ace bandage)!

You love your little brother with all your heart and always want to help me take care of him.

You try to help him learn new things....

and even try to be a big kid and help burp him!

(Okay, just thought this is a hysterical picture...Colby was pretending and Brogan moved his head just as I was taking the pic, so it just looks really bad!)

You're a wiz on the computer already.

Although your attention span is pretty short right now, you are clearly athletic! (So, if the computer thing doesn't work out hopefully you can make your millions in sports.) ;)

You love to help me clean and cook...

...and love to eat even more! (Seriously, I'm going to need a second job to pay the grocery bill when you're a teenager!)

You love to sing...
...even when you don't know the words!

Best of all, you're just plain goofy!

I love you for all of these things...and sooooo much more!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Three Months!

Three months already!! Where has the time gone??!