Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Hard to believe it's been a year since we brought this cute little guy home from the hospital!  He's such a happy, easy-going kid...a perfect fit for our family!  Though, the fact that he ate very little of his birthday cake makes him a bit of a black sheep around here.  ;)

I'm king of the play garden!

Yup, I'M in control.

Mommy is going to be SOOO impressed when she turns around and sees me...still buckled in!

I love coming back here just to hear Mommy say "NO"'s hysterical!

Me and my best friend.

It's so fun playing together...

...but sometimes I need my space.

Man, that kid is cracking me up!

We love you soooo much Brogan and can't imagine our life without you.  Always know how special you are to us...even when you're the middle child, that just means you're at the center of our hearts.  ;)  We pray everyday for your future and know wherever life takes you God will be with you...blessing every step you take.  Happy birthday little man!