Thursday, June 25, 2009

June fun...

Just some random June happenings...

Grandma red car with Brogan. (Yes, the car fascination has continued on with how Colby refers to his grandparents!) She spent many afternoons at the park with Colby, which he...and I...loved!

Taking Torreys for a walk.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo with grandma Florida. (She's currently in between cars...)

Colby's new favorite chore...seriously, he insists on washing the dishes after every meal now.

Alpine slide with daddy on Father's Day. Going up on the ski lift...
...and up, and up and up! (I'll admit I was a little nervous!)

Finally down! Not sure who had more fun, Colby or daddy...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Colby's new hobby

...digging for worms in the garden. Lovely. The joys of being the mom of boys I guess! (In all honesty, I'd rather dig for worms than play with dolls myself though!)

Here's a few other recent pics so Brogan doesn't feel left out. ;)


What they say is sooo true...this box has provided WEEKS of play!